Tomorrow World 2013, What Am I On?

ImageAfter a recent music festival, Tomorrow World, which happened last weekend in our very own back yard, Chattahoochee Hills Georgia, MOLLY has been a trending topic. I thought i knew plenty of things about molly… But, I didn’t know this..

Finding Molly: The Most Popular Name in EDM

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A Quotation About Success From Jon Bon Jovi

A Quotation About Success From Jon Bon Jovi.

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More Magnetic

More Magnetic

Front row for hours! Shout out to ohsnapkid for the picture.

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Magnetic Music Festival!

Magnetic Music Festival!

This is the kid that used to annoy me in high school! wow! ❤

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For All of You Creative, Handy Dandy, Quickie Problem Solving Folks Out There!

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Surviving a Music Festival


My recent experience at Magnetic Music Festival was very exciting and at the same time very unpleasant.

1) If you want to be in the front row, get there early. That is where all the photographers are, so you end up with a lot of pictures. Just remember if you leave it may be very hard to get your spot back. Also if you want to light up or anything else of that sort,security is watching you and front row is not the place to do that, as well as getting up on someone’s shoulders or crowd surfing.  At first you will have lots of space to jam out, but as the crowd pours in it will get tighter and tighter and people behind you will try to get your spot in the front row. That can totally kill your good vibes, as well as a crappy band that you gotta wait out and not leave your hard earned spot.

3) Come prepared.Eat before the Festival. Make sure you have your ticket to avoid delays. Bring chapstick, to avoid dry uncomfortable lips. You will be in the heat all day, and you will be yelling all day. Bring mints and gum to chew on if you need it. Stay hydrated. A camelback filled with water, if allowed, will save your life especially in that front row if you don’t want to give up your hard earned spot.

2)Invest in a good quality camelback; you will be on your feet and dancing for hours so you may want some comfort on your shoulders.

4) In the front row, don’t let people squeeze their way next to you or in front of you. They will reach their hands out through the spaces in between you and your friends and grab the rails. It’s uncomfortable, so stay shoulder to shoulder, and hip to hip. Feel free to push them back out of your way or turn around and say something, you’ve stood at that spot for hours, it’s yours.

5) Dress for the event. And by that i mean you know what you’re going to be doing so dress like it. Be comfortable. If you have to go half naked (high rise shorts and a bandeau or a cropped top) do it. It may be cold outside but you will regret sleeves and pants in the crowd.  Plus the walk in the cold from and back to your car, it’s worth not sweating out in the crowd. Wear old (not very new or nice) closed toe shoes because you will get stepped on and your shoes will get messed up.

6)Go to the bathroom and get your water before entering the crowd.

7) Be nice to people, all good vibes, most of the time they will be nice back.

8) In the front row where one artist right after another has been coming on and you are so close to that long awaited closing artists? Stay there! Don’t leave to go to another stage to see the biggest hype of the day. You have a front row spot, why trade it for one far away in the crowd. You’re gonna have to deal with getting out of the tight crowd and getting back into one. You will get cold once out. You’re gonna turn down your vibe. And since that’s the “biggest hype of the day” they will take forever to come on.

I left the Digital Distortion stage during Zeds Dead, after which Flux Pavilion was going to come on, to go see Kid Cudi.  It took him 45 minutes to come on. Finally at 10:30 he came on and got cut off at 11. While waiting we heard Flux just going in.

9)If you want to see your pictures later take the photographer’s card.

10)Do what you do, JAM OUT! Feel the music, and keep moving to the beat, kind of like you’re in your own little world. Everyone around you is doing the same thing.

Come with a positive mind set, get hyped, get excited, and get ready to have tons of fun!





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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away!

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away!

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